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Welcome to the Complete Dungeons & Dragons Product List!

October 19, 2013 update: It's been 10 months since the last update, but it appears I didn't miss much. Wizards has printed new this year until August. Rather they've been concentrating on re-releasing old products in print and/or pdf form. It appears they are saving all their efforts for D & D 5th edition, AKA D & D Next. I will update this site within the next couple of weeks with what little will be released this year.

Products for years 2000+ have been listed in order of release. There have been many products released for the Chainmail game bearing the Dungeons and Dragons logo. These are not RPG related products, so I've decided to leave them off the list. If you think I should add them let me know.

I have been asked if I have the list available in a Word or Excel document. As of this writing I do not, but I suggest that you copy and paste the lists from the source page (right click on the page and choose view source). Then from your Edit list in Word or Excel just "find & replace with nothing" all the HTML tags. This should leave you with a clean list.

As of 2001 Ravenloft was licensed out to Sword and Sorcery Studios (a division of White Wolf Games). As such Ravenloft releases cease to be official D&D products. I am at odds as to whether I should list the new products, but for now they are listed.

Please contact me at WHATALOAD at CA dot RR dot COM if you see any errors, have any suggestions, or just want to say hello. Thanks for visiting!

Dungeons & Dragons Edition 4.0

Basic Dungeons & Dragons/Mystara

Dungeons & Dragons Edition 3.0/3.5

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st/2nd Edition

Greyhawk/Forgotten Realms/Dragonlance

Eberron/Planescape/ Ravenloft/Spelljammer

Oriental Adventures/Al-Qadim/Dark Sun/Gamma World

Birthright/Lankhmar/Red Steel/Miscellaneous

Vu Pham
Orange, CA
October 19, 2013